Thursday, 9 July 2015

Guidelines to hire and drive a Private car in Denmark

Denmark is a country in Scandinavia, sharing borders with Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The people of Denmark are considered the Happiest People of the World due to quality of life and living standards. Denmark preserved atop attractions for its tourists, combing with largest man-made and artificial Islands, oldest amusements park, beautiful coastlines, outstanding beaches, brightly-colored structures and 2nd war monuments.

To wonder and enjoy all these marvelous attractions of Denmark, a traveler has to do some pre-arrangement, amidst them, renting a car is the first and foremost one and for reliable transport book for Copenhagen airport shuttle. A private car hire is the single and most optimal option which gives traveler the freedom of planning his trip in Denmark on his own accord. These are some guidelines which I want to suggest every visitor of Denmark, so that he/she could enjoy in Denmark at max.

  1. Try to follow all the rules and regulations of driving a car in Denmark whether you are driving yourself or not.
  2. Always drive car in right hand lane as it barely possible that any car may travel in left lane.
  3. While driving a car, one must be particularly conscious of cyclists as Denmark has unnumbered bike and cyclists paths and lanes.
  4. Denmark has plenty of gas stations that can be used after the station is closed. These stations accept Master and Visa card, so nothing to worry, if you are in Denmark, you will never face fuel scarcity.
  5. While driving a car in Denmark, residents of EU countries, USA, Canada and Australia don’t require an international license. All you need to acquire an actual driving license along with international license with provisional approval. Moreover, if your license don’t have photograph then it is advisable to carry passport as well to avoid any trouble in your trip.
  6. There is no toll tax obligation for roads in Denmark unless you would not cross two bridges which have a very expensive toll. The first Bridge is the Store belt which costs $38 and second is the Oresund Bridge which cost one way crossing for $45.
  7. Speed limit is also very important rule to follow for drivers in Denmark. For instance, is you are driving within the city, speed limit will be 50 km per hour, on open roads, it is 80 km per hour and on major highways, it must be 130 km per hour.
  8. Car parking in Denmark is also under the law which needs to follow strictly. Your car must have a parking disk on dashboard, otherwise you will not be allowed to park car without any charges. A parking disk is simply a timer or a clock which set the time of parking when car arrived in parking lot. Travelers can purchase this disk from tourist office, gas stations, and banks.
  9. Use of mobile is strictly prohibited in Denmark while driving but use of handsfree is permitted.
  10. Seatbelt is also mandatory requirement if you are driving a car in Denmark.
Overall, it is highly recommended to follow all these rules and regulations if you are heading towards Denmark to enjoy the life-time experience.

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